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Riku Turunen


Born in the golden 80’s. Riku’s musical career started as bass player at the age of 10. Soon he noticed the females did not pay too much attention to a short guy playing bass, so he was forced to take some actions.

After starting to sing at the age of 14, his success rate hanging out with beautiful groupies increased by 666%.

Riku has been singing and touring with many bands in Finland. Finally after drinking huge amount of absinthe, he found himself signed into Exlibris. Future looks bright.

  • Job in the band: being the one with high and loud voice
  • Member since: 2016
  • Gear: Sennheiser microphones, Shure IEM
  • Favorite movie: Terminator 2
  • Favorite drink: Absinthe, Cytrynowka
  • Favorite posistion: The leader
  • Portfolio: Riku Turunen
  • Stuff he says: “Patyk”