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The Band

Hometown: Warsaw
Genre: Hi-octane metal
Formed in: 2003
Label: Independent


Combining the energy of traditional heavy metal, hard rock, melodic hooks and complex arrangements since 2003, Exlibris stands for rocking guitars, distinct rhythms, epic orchestrations and powerful lead vocals.

3 years after their critically acclaimed album Aftereal, Poland’s top melodic metal act Exlibris returned with their fourth studio album – “Innertia“.

“Innertia” strikes the perfect balance between heavy and melodic, modern and traditional, complex and catchy. Combining powerful riffs with big melodic hooks, topped off with carefully arranged orchestrations and a healthy dose of both modern and vintage keyboards – it holds all the ingredients of a successful melodic metal release.

Today Exlibris is has finished up the production of their new release titled “Shadowrise”. Following original guitarist Daniel Lechmański’s departure from the band in early 2019, the band’s been joined by one of Finland’s top axemen – Antti Wirman (Warmen, King Company, Children of Bodom).

“Riku first contacted me in spring of 2019 and asked me to play the guitars for the upcoming Exlibris album. I got the tracks in the summer and I was really amazed about the songs! I worked my ass off with the tracks and I’m very happy with the result. Be sure to check out this album. It’s a killer!” – says Wirman

The follow-up to the 2018 album “Innertia” featured 6 new original tracks, first of which was released on Friday, Feb 7th 2020. It brings the band further down the DIY route, being produced and mixed by band’s keyboardist Piotr Sikora (who also designed the album’s artwork) and mastered by lead singer Riku Turunen.

Exlibris are known as one of the most hardworking bands in the Polish metal scene with “Shadowrise” being their fifth full-length release in barely over six years – beginning with the release of their second album “Humagination” in late 2013 (album of the month according to Metal Hammer Poland) and including an exceptional live DVD “The Night of Burning“. The band not only produced all the albums themselves – they also handle all the graphic designs, video editing, publicity and even do the screen printing of their t-shirts personally.

After releasing two studio albums on the Metal Mind Productions label, the band decided to once again fully take matters in their own hands and release the new album independently. “Innertia” opened a new chapter in Exlibris’ history, introducing new band members – Finnish singer Riku Turunen and drummer extraordinaire Grzegorz Olejnik. This new line-up expands on Exlibris’ musical foundation bringing it to new levels and making them one of the best live bands in the Polish heavy metal scene.